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Actors: Shohreh Aghdashloo,Cas Anvar
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DVD Release Date: 2017

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Arrival at Tycho Station is tense, but the Rocinante crew defuses the situation by explaining what is going on at Eros and where the data is going.The Expanse Season 3 DVD Fred Johnson pulls together a strike team from rival Outer Planets Alliance factions, killing one of their leaders in the process. Rocinante is assigned as the mission's muscle, engaging the station's defenses and clearing a path for the boarding party. The station is not prepared to defend itself,The Expanse Season 3 and falls easily to the team. Capturing the lead scientist on the project, Antony Dresden, the man is uninterested in who he answers to as long as he can continue his work. While explaining the source, dangers, and possibilities of the protomolecule, he is shot in the head by Miller.